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Available as double black (100) or red marble (200) vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.


Since its inception back in 2005 until nowadays The Foreshadowing has gained with its four albums released between 2007 and 2016 a considerable place in the international doom gothic scene. After a 7 years hiatus a some line up changes, the band returned in 2023 with a new EP "Forsaken Songs", including previously unreleased tracks, bringing them back to the scene, to the place they belong.


This October 2023, The Foreshadowing are embarking on an European tour with Saturnus and In The Woods and, to celebrate such an event, Ardua Music is releasing the long awaited version of "Second World" on vinyl for the first time.


Remastered for vinyl by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios, "Second World" is a timeless gothic doom metal masterpiece as the band would say: “Second World” was an important album in our career, the evidence of maturity after our first two works and highly acclaimed worldwide. It gave us the opportunity to finally fulfill the dream of touring both Europe and North America. Lots of fans asked for a vinyl release over the years, and now they will be pleased with this beauty just after the decennal of his release and right before a new European tour.


Enter the second world for a second time, then follow us on to gravitate like satellites, and we try to recall the old days of silence.
Then we’ll fall down."








The Forsaken Son




Second World


Ground Zero

Reverie Is A Tyrant





Noli Timere

Friends of Pain


THE FORESHADOWING - Second World (2LP Gatefold)

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