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Double black vinyl inside a single sleeve, included insert and one bonus track. Limited to 100 copies only.


WOODEN VEINS, formed by Chilean musicians mostly based in European countries, engages in classic melodic doom metal, combining it with progressive and gothic elements, exploring even further as they bring more heaviness and even some latin flavour into their sound.


“In Finitude”, their debut album, got an excellent response from the media, ranking the album in many lists as one of the best of 2021, in specialised press and was even nominated for the best Metal Album in the Premios Pulsar Chile, the biggest Music Award for Chilean Music.


Now WOODEN VEINS present us their second album “Imploding Waves”, a more complex and evolved work. This time the Chileans took a more progressive approach, expanding their stylistic boundaries, mixing darker, heavier and faster passages into their distinctive melodic and atmospheric elements.




1. Dreamside Death

2. Tearing Seas

3. The Dreamer

4. L´apell du Vide

5. Skies

6. Ganymede

7. Kaimerah

8. Broken World

9. Vuelava

10. Calling

11. Deep Black Sky (Vinyl Bonus Track)


WOODEN VEINS - Imploding Waves (2LP)

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