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Limited to 200 copies on white vinyl with insert. Listen HERE


Formed in 2012 from several holdovers of well-established extreme metal bands, Deathwhite was created as means to explore new avenues for its members. In turn, the band's sound is heavily influenced by Katatonia, mid-90's Paradise Lost, Alcest, Ghost Brigade and early Anathema, creating a dark, melodic metal landscape without boundaries. The thread of melody, darkness, and memorable, catchy songwriting is the primary aim of Deathwhite, with lyrics exploring the pitfalls of existence, and organized religion.

The Ethereal EP is the band’s first full sonic representation, recorded in the spring of 2014 and only year year later, a follow up EP "Solitary Martyr" was released. It displays a keener sense of depth and versatility than its predecessor. Recorded by Brette Ciammara at Studio 344, the production is more robust, as are the riffs, retaining a feel and flare akin to the bands that were so crucial inspiring Deathwhite in the first place.


Ardua Music compiles both EPs on a single vinyl, remastered for this release by Dan Swanö at Unisound, giving an even more fresh touch to this already very special release. Includes insert with liner notes by band.




Side A | Solitary Martyr


1. Pressure

2. Suffer Abandonment

3. Vain

4. Solitary Martyr

5. Only Imagined


Side B | Ethereal


1. Ethereal

2. When I (Wasn´t) You

3. Give Up the Ghost

4. Silenced

5. Feeding the Illusion

6. A Burden To Carry


DEATHWHITE - Solitary Martyr | Ethereal (LP)

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