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First single "Gilded Cage" HERE


Some may have expected that creating an album to follow the darkly magnificent fan favourite, "Mors Diligentis", would be a daunting prospect for Spain’s doyens of doom, Golgotha. However, the band have sailed majestically past all their previous achievements with their latest collection of epic hymns. "Spreading The Wings Of Hope" exemplifies everything that is great about this much-loved band – the earthshaking heaviness and the enthralling melodies, the contrasting dual vocals that express such powerful emotions and the sublime song writing that can utterly enchant the listener.

This 2024, featuring eight momentous tracks, laden with portent and powerful emotion and mixed and mastered to perfection by Javier Fernández (Avulsed, Holycide, TodoMal), "Spreading The Wings Of Hope" will be released on CD and cassette formats on June 14th, adorned in vivid, compelling artwork. This album sees Golgotha scaling new peaks of creative endeavour and weaving some of the most captivating musical spells of their career to date. Fans of the very finest heart-rending heaviness should prepare to experience absolute melancholic, melodic magnificence!




1. For Every Tear

2. Gilded Cage

3. A Solitary Soul

4. Hear Their Cries

5. Human Vultures

6. Closed Heart

7. Spreading the Wings of Hope

8. Hope As Guide

GOLGOTHA - Spreading The Wings Of Hope (Tape)


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