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Limited to 200 copies on gold vinyl with insert.


Started off in Netherlands back in 1994 after changing the name from Reïncremated, Officium Triste is one of the very few bands from the last century still playing doom death metal the way it must be!  


After their successful debut LP "Ne Vivam" (Teutonic Existence Records, 1997) the band became one of the leading European doom death acts when other fellow countrymen were moving to other styles. Four years later, the cult label Displeased released "The Pathway". No doubt Officium Triste was there to stay and the follow up "Reason" (2004) includes some of the genre´s most classic tracks like "In Pouring Rain" or "The Sun Doesn´t Shine Anymore"


Mid 2021 the band and Ardua Music started discussing a possible vinyl release, which is finally happening this 2023. Remastered for vinyl by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios and supervised by the band.




1. In Pouring Rain

2. The Silent Witness

3. This Inner Twist

4. The Sun Doesn´t Shine Anymore

5. A Flower In Decay  



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