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The third album by the Swedish masters of atmospheric doom death metal features everything the band is loved for: melodic compositions decorated with catchy guitar solos and atmospheric keyboards, with a harmonious blend of clean vocals and growl. At the same time, the symphonic sound is now the key element, which gives the material a special expression, epic and originality. Conceptually, the artwork of the CD completes the story told in the previous two albums, the tragic story of love, life and death, begun in 1800.


1 Reunited In The Grave 10:53
2 Drowning In Sorrows 5:49
3 In Memoriam 6:51
4 Ghost Story 7:52
5 The Soil In My Hand 4:09
6 A Lake Of Frozen Tears 7:48
7 Eternal Slumber 6:46
8 While She Sleeps 7:56
9 The Spirits In The Woods 3:32

WHEN NOTHING REMAINS - In Memoriam (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 114-16

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