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The brand new full-length album by the British experimentalists. Starting with psychedelic stoner doom metal, Camel of Doom have come to make sophisticated music mixing doom death metal and sludge doom metal, with a tendency towards psychedelic effects and energetic riffs. Combining groovy moments with lengthy atmospheric riffs, adding industrial motifs to their masterpiece, the musicians paint a wide scale picture of cosmic chaos and, at the same time, harmony expressed with a share of melody. Also noteworthy is the breakthrough the band have made in forming a dense sound, fully disclosed in ‘Terrestrial’.


1 Cycles (The Anguish Of Anger) 12:58
2 A Circle Has No End 1:01
3 Pyroclastic Flow 12:33
4 Singularity 5:43
5 Nine Eternities 1:35
6 Euphoric Slumber 11:46
7 Sleeper Must Awaken 14:06
8 Extending Life, Expanding Conciousness 4:07

CAMEL OF DOOM - Terrestrial (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 113-16

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