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Solitude Productions proudly presents the re-release of the "In Fields Of Pestilent Grief" album by the cult band Funeral, which was originally released in 2001 with a limited number of copies by the label which does not exist anymore. The copies of the album were quickly sold out, and currently have become a rarity. On this album, the band tried the stylistics different from that for the debut album, which featured funeral doom metal: although the leading clean female vocals remained, the music began to tend to doom death metal. However, it is worth mentioning that Funeral remained one of the distinctive and unique bands in the genre. Two previously unreleased tracks, demo records for the album, with other arrangements and male vocals come as a bonus tracks in this re-release. The album is issued as a noble six-panel digipack.


1 Yield To Me 7:07
2 Truly A Suffering 4:33
3 The Repentant 6:41
4 The Stings I Carry 5:40
5 When Light Will Dawn 8:34
6 In Fields Of Pestilent Grief 1:45
7 Facing Failure 6:13
8 What Could Have Been 3:42
9 Vile Are The Pains 5:49
10 Epilogue 4:29
11 When Light Will Dawn (demo) 6:22
12 The Stings I Carry (demo) 6:18

FUNERAL - In Fields Of Pestilent Grief (CD Digipack)

SKU: SP. 106-15

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