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The new full-length album by Majestic Downfall is, without a doubt, the strongest band's release to date. Sophisticated compositions, sound and concept: all these elements are perfectly combined to reflect the unique face of the group and its vision of the doom death metal style, which consists in a refined alloy of heaviness, atmosphere and melody. The music of despair, the music of pain. Too personal and too emotional to live it through every time, and too beautiful to be able to reject every new listening! Co-release with Weird Truth Productions.


1 Veins 
2 Waters Of Fate 
3 Contagious Symmetry 
4 Spore 
5 Collapsed Pitch Black 
Bonus Track 
6 Waters Of Faith

MAJESTIC DOWNFALL - Waters Of Fate (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 141-18 / WT058

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