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The debut album from a band from Moscow representing two famous musicians in line-up: A.K. iEezor (Comatose Vigil, Abstract Spirit) and Homer (ex-Who Dies In Siberian Slush).«Sea Of Infinity» consists of five doom death metal tracks including one instrumental. Melodic compositions are framed by atmospheric keyboards and powerful guitar riffs accompanied by expressive growl by A.K. iEezor and clean vocals of guest singers. «Sea Of Infinity» is not just another album introducing novel features to the style, but the entrance ticket for a band to the highest level of Russian doom-death metal scene!The album was recorded at Primordial Studio (famous for working with Comatose Vigil, Revelations of Rain, Abstract Spirit, Who Dies In Siberian Slush).The album is highly recommended to fans of music in traditions of Mourning Beloveth and Morgion!


1 In Absence We Dwell 14:10
2 Sea Of Infinity 9:47
3 Beholding The Unseen 9:44
4 November Euphoria 8:35
5 In The Name Of My Sin 12:29

MARE INFINITUM - Sea Of Infinity (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 053-11

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