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Started in 2012 under the command of producer, musician and songwriter Saku Moilanen, Red Moon Architect are considered one of the most valuable assets of the doom metal scene in their home Finland. After three studio albums and two years since their last studio effort to date "The Return Of The Black Butterflies", “Kuura” is an album that differs from Red Moon Architect’s catalogue. It’s a rough, unpolished and brutally honest representation of the darkest corners of mind and soul.


Sometimes you get beaten down so hard, you don’t even want to get up anymore. There are lyrics written, but they won’t ever be released because of personal attachments. Emotional charge of the vocals will surely deliver the message. This is a very special release in many ways, to be issued only on black vinyl as physical format by The Vinyl Division. A new opus of crushing and despairing funeral doom like they never did before.


Maybe one day there’ll be light again.



1. Kuura Pt. I
2. Kuura Pt. II
3. Kuura Pt. III


Album teaser HERE.


€17.90 Regular Price
€12.53Sale Price

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