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180g Black or splatter yellow vinyl.


For today The Morningside's latest album "Yellow", which is the quintessence of the band's creativity, has found a new breath in the form of vinyl "Yellowed". Gentle mastering, made especially for vinyl, reveals the sound of the album in a new way in the correct music lover format. The journey continues!


The new long-awaited album by the Moscow melancholiacs surprises again, thus proving that The Morningside is one of the unique bands of the Russian heavy stage. After the previous explosive album crafted in the spirit of melodic / progressive death metal and raised the stir among fans of the band, the musicians once again changed their style.


On the one hand, there is a return to the style of the second full-length album, "Moving Crosscurrent Of Time", and on the other, the influence of progressive rock and post rock in their purest form became more noticeable. This unusual combination, while maintaining the unique sound and atmosphere of The Morningside, gives birth to "Yellow" - a new chapter, a new journey. The special atmosphere of the album is made by a concept indirectly associated with the novel by Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse-Five". Character "Yellow", akin Vonnegut character wanders through time and the yellow tram from the album cover takes him, along with the audience, to a journey, inviting listeners to share it with The Morningside.


SKU: BMM. 076-21LP
Colour vinyl

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