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Available as double black (200) or gold (100, SOLD OUT) vinyl.


Ten years since the release of Throes Of Dawn´s highly acclaimed fifth album, The Great Fleet of Echoes, the album is finally available in vinyl format.


Far from their early black metal approach but still keeping the dark atmosphere, six years passed between the previous Quicksilver Clouds and the release of The Great Fleet of Echoes. Here the band fused progressive metal elements with ethereal keyboards, long guitar solos and melancholic vocals to create something that would become their trademark sound: Dreamy, lush and musically captivating.


The album comes in two gatefold versions with black or golden vinyl, and features exclusive liner notes by Finnish journalist Aki Nuopponen plus one previously unreleased bonus song "The Crown Of Flowers". 




1. Entropy

2. Ignition Of The Grey Sky

3. Velvet Chokehold

4. Soft Whispers Of The Chemical Sun

5. Chloroform

6. Slow Motion

7. We Have Ways To Hurt You

8. Lethe

9. The Great Fleet Of Echoes

10. Blue Dead Skies

11. The Crown Of Flowers (vinyl bonus track)

THROES OF DAWN - The Great Fleet Of Echoes (2LP)


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