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The second album highly anticipated by fans of the Swedish group and melodic doom death metal in general! Johan Ericson (permanent member of Draconian and Doom:VS) is again responsible for vocals, and, in addition, has performed mixing and mastering of the album. Perfect sound appeared as a perfect framing to the precious stone, beautiful music of When Nothing Remains. Musicians follow the ideas of the debut album and offer to the fans the same memorable doom death, melodic, stirringly touching and infinitely elegant. For those who are not familiar with the band this album may appear as a real discovery, while those who are already inspired by their music «Thy Dark Serenity» will become another blissful touch to the soul and the heart.


1 I Forgive You 5:29
2 A Raven's Tale 8:17
3 She Died In Autumn's Rain 9:00
4 Wings Of The Withered 6:48
5 Thy Dark Serenity 7:27
6 Like An Angel's Funeral 5:31
7 When Heaven Once Fell 7:59
8 When We Stop Breathing 4:02

WHEN NOTHING REMAINS - Thy Dark Serenity (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 073-13

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