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"Sitting in my basement after four glasses of Spanish raisin wine, I felt the album’s force pass over me and bear down without mercy. I sat still for its entirety, unable to move, simply crushed by the massive lugubrious mood it evokes. A simply awe inspiring album." Erik T, Teeth Of The Divine


Founded in the year 2000 by frontman and composer Kostas Panagiotou (keyboards, vocals), Pantheïst can be considered as one of the main contributors to the funeral doom genre. Their 2001 demo "1000 Years" drew the attention of Firebox Records who released their classic debut album "O Solitude" (2003). The album takes the listener on a musical journey far beyond the strict boundaries of extreme doom metal. The mixture of orchestral arrangements, blast beats and slow tempos brought new elements to the genre and together with Shape of Despair's "Angels of Distress", it set the template for the symphonic funeral doom genre which was to explode in the years to come.


Almost 20 years after its initial release and several CD reissues (among others by the German label Grau), "O Solitude" is now for the first time finally released on vinyl by The Vinyl Division, with brand new artwork by the band's regular visual artist Cheryl Panagiotou and new vinyl mastering by Greg Chandler. The release is strictly limited to 200 pressings on classic black (100) or marble (100) double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. It includes an insert with an extensive retrospective album review and an interview with Kostas Panagiotou by Coronel Mortimer (La Muerte Tenía Un Blog).




A- O Solitude

B - Don´t Mourn

C1 - Time

C2 - Envy Us

D - Curse The Mourning Light

PANTHEÏST - O Solitude (2LP Gatefold)

Colour vinyl
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