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French doom/death Ataraxie's 10th anniversary album. This album contains re-arranged and re-recorded version of "The Other Path" demo, 2 exclusive tracks and live tracks recorded at "les festins sonores" festival in May 2008. On "Unholy Prayer", Ende from Fatum Elisum is featured as guest vocal. All tracks(except live tracks) recorded by guitar player Fred and Julien Bous(Postghost recordings). Mixing and mastering was done by Raphael Henry at Echoes Studio.



1-1 The Other Path 11:34
1-2 My Last Breath 6:58
1-3 Behind The Mask 9:01
1-4 Eternal Suffering 8:17
1-5 The Isle Of The Dead 8:33
1-6 Unholy Prayer 10:34
1-7 Alone In My Coffin 7:13
1-8 From Agony To Eternity 12:38
2-1 A Jamais 14:17
2-2 L'Ataraxie (Live) 10:34
2-3 Walking Through The Land Of Falsity (Live) 13:50
2-4 Anhédonie (Live) 17:16
2-5 Aphel, Die Schwarze Schlange (Live) 8:52
2-6 Another Day Of Despondency (Live) 10:42

ATARAXIE - Project X (2CD Jewel Case)

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