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As one of the most highly acclaimed albums from media, worldwide fans, and included in several top 2018 album lists, Clouds third album “Dor” meant an even further peak of creativity in Daniel Neagoe´s cult band. This second entry includes a set of stellar main vocalists ranging from Witch Mountain´s Kayla Dixon, Sylvaine, Mihu Ilie (Abigail) to the contest winner Caleb Bergen (Sleepwalkers).


“This is a truly special album for us in Clouds and the writing process has been fruitious enough to allow us our guest vocalists' interpretations. As we have used our audience, we always seek like minded musicians and we think that their interpretations of our songs are what make this album special. Each of them added a huge value to our compositions and created their own stories behind these songs. All the material has -thus- received a personal connotation and a personal touch”.


A set of special shows are already booked to present the album in 2019, limited to 200 copies in black vinyl and 100 white pressings.




1. Buried in Sand (with Kayla Dixon)
2. Unravel (with Sylvaine)
3. Closeness
4. Hollow (with Caleb Bergen)
5. Shadows (with Mihu Ilie)



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