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Founded in 1994 by Henri Koivula and Jani Heinola, Throes Of Dawn cut their teeth in the early 90´s death and black metal. Combining elements from variable sources, the band has always had a taste for atmosphere, catchy melodies and good songwriting. Despite having their roots in metal, they have slowly evolved their sound into a very expressive, progressive and melancholic form of art.

Ambitious and bold, the sixth album Our Voices Shall Remain presents Throes of Dawn at their best: The slowly building hypnotic atmospheres and the long meandering songs make the album truly engaging and rewarding experience.

Double LP gatefold limited to 300 copies, available as black (200) or transparent red (100) vinyl, with revamped artwork by Costin Chioreanu.

THROES OF DAWN - Our Voices Shall Remain (2LP)


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